Friday, June 11, 2010

All charged up!

You KNOW it's going to be a good day when you awake early from a refreshing night of sleep, have a good breakfast to start the day right..... and when all of your 'devices' have been recharging all night long! Somehow the list keeps getting longer, and in my case that includes:
- Blackberry Storm2 smartphone
- BlueAnt bluetooth headset (announces Caller ID number for incoming calls!)
- Dell XPS Studio laptop computer
- Apple iPad (32GB WiFi only)

Miss recharging any one of these, and your 21st Century life will suffer! Just yesterday afternoon I was on hold with a support line somewhere in India. My headset had been beeping, indicating that it was about to die, and just after it did, my cell phone battery indicator went 'red'! Had it also died, I would have lost the call, and had to get back in line to wait 'on hold with India' yet another time! I was able to plug the phone into a USB charger on my laptop before it died, but it was a short cord, and I looked very funny leaning over the laptop keyboard and holding the phone in my hand.

I still like the fact that my iPad just sips electricity - 10 hours of battery life, and I only recharge it every 2-3 days, rather than nightly like everything else. Steve Jobs and Apple may be onto something here. In the marketing wars between the Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, Blackberry Storm2, Palm Pre, and various iterations of Windows Mobile, I can say without a doubt that the one phone I had with Windows Mobile just guzzled electricity. I'd even got an expanded battery "bulge" for it, and it still barely lasted 1 day.

So don't forget about battery life when looking for your next smartphone or other device. If you run out of battery before you run out of day, you'll just find yourself with the added stress of fumbling amongst various car chargers and laptop USB adapters to keep enough juice in the devices so your 21st Century LIFE keeps moving forward!