Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New PC / Laptop Recommendations

If you're shopping for a new PC or laptop, here are Professional Nerds' suggestions of features to look for: a) Processor: Get an Intel Core i5 or i7, 2.5GHz or better Skip Intel's Core i3 (slow and cheap), and AMD processors unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting b) Windows 7 64-bit (Home or Pro) with Service Pack 1. - DON'T get 32-bit versions -- they'll limit future growth - Do take advantage of Microsoft's offer of a $15 upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 c) Windows 8 (also see section above): - DON'T upgrade to Windows 8 until it gets its first Service Pack bug fixes! - Approach VERY carefully, because there are TWO versions of Windows 8 ! - Windows 8 RT will NOT run standard Windows programs (aka "applications"), rather only "apps" designed for smartphones and tablets designed for Windows 8. And yes, these are DIFFERENT than apps designed for Android or iPhone/iPad ! - Windows 8 for PC no longer has a START button; it's an entirely new interface. - Stardock offers a $5 "Start8" program which adds the Start button back in d) The cheapest PCs these days will have 4GB memory, 500GB disk, and laptops will have built-in WiFi wireless. Better ones which will last longer (technologically) will have extra capacity consisting of 6-12GB memory and 1-2TB (1,000-2,00GB) disk space. It helps if you know what you already have (current disk capacity, current free space) to determine future needs. e) Your new PC/laptop should have built-in USB 3.0 ports - NECESSARY as disk capacities become ever larger. These have 10x the transfer speed of USB 2.0. Compared to an older USB 2.0 PC/laptop with 250GB of data, a USB 3.0 system can transfer 2,500GB (2.5TB) in the same amount of time. f) If you don't already have one, DO get a backup disk drive. Professional Nerds recommends the Western Digital Portable USB 3.0 My Passport, which comes with backup software. It can be ordered online from Amazon. g) Save money by DOWNLOADING software from sources such as; your online Amazon account will even keep track of your license keys. h) Avoid seller upsell. By that, I mean things such as installation services (let Professional Nerds handle that!), extended warranty, and security software. Remember, AT&T and Comcast high speed internet users already get free McAfee or Norton Internet Security as part of your high speed internet subscription.

NerdViews Fall 2012

The latest Professional Nerds newsletter "NerdViews Fall 2012" includes: * BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the Post-PC world * iPad Mini, iPad refresh, iPhone 5 * Windows 8 has no...START button! * Windows RT is NOT the same as Windows 8 * New PC / Laptop Recommendations * Best Practices and FREE stuff Read all about it here:

Consumer Reports gives Apple's iPhone 5 a "high five" !

Consumer Reports gives Apple's iPhone 5 a "high five" !

You've GOT to take the Metro for Windows 8

Whether you like it or not, you've GOT to take the Metro for Windows 8 ! Hint: Get START8 to ease the pain!

Think "ecosystem" -- iPad Mini has the best

The bottom line is that the value of Apple's app and content ecosystem is superior to that of its competitors selling less expensive or even comparably-priced devices with their own ecosystems.