Sunday, August 18, 2013

Non-GMail users can use Gmail's new, free inbox sorting to separate out Commercial & Social Media emails

Net-Net:  Even if you don't use a GMail address, you can use GMail's new InBox sorting, which separates out Promotional & Social Media emails from your other correspondence, and has online marketers worried!

Google has long had great anti-spam filters, no "in your face" advertising, and now GMail pulls Promotional (Commercial) emails & Social Media emails (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) out of your primary inbox and place them in their own separate inboxes.

If your email service allows POP (Post Office Protocol) email access (like Outlook or Windows Mail), you can use GMail's new sorting views to separate Promotional and Social emails from your primary inbox -- WITHOUT having to change your email address!  Your free GMail Account (you MAY already have one if you have an Android phone!) allows you to ADD your other email account(s) AND make it the default.   See my white paper: "POP goes your GMAIL!" at

Additional Advantages:
1) Allowing Gmail to POP your existing email gets rid of all that 'in your face' advertising you see on free webmail pages (Gmail only uses text advertising).   2) If you were drooling at Samsung's $249 2.4lb Chromebook ( but were shut-out because you didn't want to change your email address to Gmail, here's your chance get one -- no email address change required!

By the way, for those of you who disliked GMail because of it's "conversation" view of your emails (all send/receive emails on the same subject are grouped together), TechRepublic tells you how to make it appear like other email systems (the usual discombobulated mess):

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