Friday, October 29, 2010

An Internet Geography Lesson

Compare the geography of the Internet in 2007 vs 2010. In 2007 MySpace ruled, and Facebook was a penninsula. Not only has that flipped, but Farmville (a Facebook game) has more usage than MySpace. See the geography maps here:

What are buyers doing with their iPads ???

‎8 million iPads sold to date. WalMart starts selling them 10/28/10. Verizon starts bundling the basic iPad with their wireless MiFi. However, at least 1/3 of users have never downloaded any additional apps (not even free ones). So, what are people doing with them?

Yet another new Android-based tablet

Last week Amazon announced that Kindle owners would be able to lend certain books (based on publisher consent), and now Barnes & Noble announces the $249 NookColor. The catch: it's a compormise. Altho Android-based and 1/2 the cost of an iPad, it won't run all Android apps, bat...tery life is way shorter than E-Ink (but comparable to iPad), no 3G version (WiFi only), and like iPad/netbook/laptops, you can't read the screen in bright sunlight.

History repeating itself

Today's Android-based E-Reader/Tablet announcements remind me of the early 1980s and all of the not-quite compatible PC clones. Most of the vendors didn't make it. Anyone remember Eagle PC and Columbia PC ?