Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can't wait for iOS v7? You MAY want to....!

Today Apple is releasing v7 of iOS to upgrade your iDevices (except the original iPad 1 and iPhones older than the iPhone 4).  Should you upgrade right away -- or should you wait a bit?

Forbes - Mark Rogowsky - "With iOS 7, Should You Wait To Upgrade?"

When Apple upgraded iOS from v5 to v6, some apps 'broke', and the same may happen after your iOS v7 upgrade.  Let me repeat that upgrading immediately may crash some non-Apple apps you DEPEND on -- you HAVE been WARNED !   When iOS v7 is automatically available to you for wireless install, the SETTINGS icons will sport a red "badge" with '1'.  If you can't WAIT (you've got to have it NOW), 'tether' your iDevice to your PC/Mac, and via iTunes, download and install the update.

The APP STORE icon will also be sporting a red "badge" with a much larger number, indicating all your iOS apps which need updating -- you might want to upgrade these apps FIRST before you upgrade to iOS v7!

Finally, before updating (especially older iDevices like the iPhone 4), you might want to close all running apps first and reboot your device.  See my article "#13 Thawing your iDevice"...
...because what you think is the POWER button is only a SLEEP button, and a clean restart (with no apps running) will make your iOS upgrade go MUCH smoother !

Here are some additional articles to read about this change, but remember that whatever you read is usually the OPINION of what matters to the writer -- not necessarily what matters to YOU!

ABC News:  iOS 7: The 7 Things to Know About Your Brand New iPhone Software (nice video & interactive icons)
     (click on the interactive icons for the pros and cons of each and/or view a complete video)

Forbes - Mark Rogowsky
     - 7 Misses In iOS 7
        (remember, these are the author's opinions which may not be the same as yours)
     - A Guide To What's Great In iOS 7
        (same caution about opinions)

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PS - If you're getting a NEW iPhone 5C or 5S, make sure your existing device is fully backed up via iTunes or iCloud BEFORE you go to the store -- you'll be back up and running much quicker.  But this is a subject for ANOTHER article!