Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bare Drive SSDs and Cloning Kits -- Apples and Oranges comparisons

Beware of slow SSDs (under 500Mbps WRITE speed). Here's a Kingston 120GB 500/500Mbps Read/Write SSD kit with an external enclosure:

Someone commented in another forum that there were "Better specs and better deal on the Samsung Evo".   I looked up his link, and found he was comparing a 'bare drive' with the 'complete kit' I referenced above -- this is not only an "apples to oranges" comparison, but the specs aren't significantly better (540/520 for the $105 Samsung 850 EVO vs 555/510 Kingston HyperX; $91 kit).

My referenced $91 120GB kit includes: 2.5-Inch (9.5mm) SSD, 2.5-Inch USB Enclosure, hard drive cloning software and installation guide, multi-bit screwdriver, and a SATA data cable, 3.5-Inch bracket, and mounting screws, should you wish to use the 2.5" drive in a desktop PC.   Kingston has a 120GB 'bare drive' which is $32 LESS than the $105 850 EVO (, and even than Kingston includes a 3.5" desktop PC mounting bracket. Kingston's 7mm 120GB SSD (a true 'bare drive') for $67 (albeit a tad slower at 500/500Mbps)

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