Monday, January 26, 2015

Recommended security layers for "Defense in Depth"

Professional Nerds agrees with Sophos...
...that "defense in depth" is necessary to protect your computer and its information about you.

This means:

a) Microsoft Automatic Updates are turned ON

b) Valid Subscription to REALLY GOOD Internet Security software
     (Professional Nerds has preferred Norton since 2009)

c) Ad Blocking software such as Ad Block Plus to protect against deceptive
     and misleading internet ads

d) Updates to essential PLUMBING such as
     1) Oracle Java (currently v8u31, or v7u76 for XP)
     2) Adobe Reader (currently v11.0.10.32)
     3) Adobe Flash, which was just updated again TODAY, Monday 1/26/15; to v16.0.0.296
         to fix two new "Zero Day" vulnerabilities.

Avoid FAKE updates, here are verified update links:

Ad Block Plus (install in EACH browser you use):

Adobe Flash:

Adobe Reader:

Oracle Java:

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